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Please note that this search does not reflect the database of the Suman Marriage Bureau agency, which operates independently of the online service

Most of the results are of people who are registered online and not within the bureau, which otherwise provides a personal one-to-one service.




What People Say.....

Parag Bhargava with Jemima Khan at SMB Offices - Dec. 2011Parag and Ashaa Bhargava with Jaya Pradha - Nov. 2012Parag Bhargava with Navin Kundra (Singer-Songwriter) - Feb. 2013

Jemima Khan at SMB office ( 12/2011) - With Jaya Pradha (Actress) (11/2012) - With Navin Kundra (Singer/Song Writer) (02/2013)

Hi, I have now got married to VV. Thanks for the introduction. I found my husband through Suman Matrimony. I am very grateful....R.S. (Norwich) - Date of marriage 9 March 2013.

Dear Parag, Thaks for your email and I hope you are well. I am now engaged and be getting married next year so I will no longer be looking for a partner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in assisting me to find someone....A.DS. (Northamptonshire) - 4 March 2013.

Hi Parag...I met my ex girlfriend for a meal last night just to catch up and the passion and electricity between us was crazy so we are giving it another go but thank you even in this very short period for providing such a great service. The way you put people's needs first and having private rooms and listening to your customers needs is first class, am so impressed, have recommended your service to a couple of people....R.L.D. (Ruislip)

Dear Parag & Mrs. Suman, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you in writing as to how grateful I am to you in finding my husband Kris. Had I not taken your advice into meeting Kris, I may not have found such a wonderful man;......Thank you once again for your exceptional service! I will always be grateful to Suman Marriage Bureau for making my life into something meaningful, finding Kris is the most wonderful blessing life had to offer.......Thank you for everything, I will never forget you. S.B. (Croydon)

Dear Mrs. Suman, I am writing to express how happy I am that you introduced me to UP. This was the first boy I saw and he was right for me. We met in November and got engaged in January. Our marriage took place on the 3rd March with a full Hindu ceremony.....It is only because of you that we found each other.. S.P. (Stanmore)

Dear Mrs. Suman Bhargava, It is with happiest tidings I write to thank you for your introduction to my wife SD.......Thank you for your kind words and blessings, we look forward to a happy life together. P.S. (Wolverhampton)

Just to say "Thank U" mum & son 4 everything u've done 4 me. Thanks a lot. P.D. (Liverpool)

Dear Mrs. Bhargava, I am delighted to inform you that Maya and I married recently. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be introduced. We have already recommended your bureau to single friends. A.P.F. Wilson (London)

Dear Mr. Bhargava, May I take this opportunity of thanking you for your co-operation and assistance in this matter and hope that candidates in the future continue to find success with your bureau. S.A.H. (Kingsbury)

Dear Sir/Madam, After serious consideration and a lot of research, I have reached a conclusion and can honestly say that your agency seems very professional and most promising. I therefore, enclose a cheque and letter with further details. L.M. (Midlands)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Bhargava, Thank you for the introduction of M to R. As you can see, things moved very fast with Guru's grace and all the planning and preparations went well. U.P. (London)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Bhargava I am very grateful to you and your marriage bureau for arranging the marriages of our children (3 sons and 1 daughter). You are giving a very good service to our society. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, B.S. Chopra of S.B. Chopra & Co. Ltd .

Dear Mr. Bhargava I would like to thank you and your wife again for the central part you have played in changes to my recent personal circumstances. J.P. (Wimbourne)

Dear Sir, Many thanks for your services. Without you we would never have met. D.A.S.


Some Do's & Don'ts of Joining A Marriage Bureau


  • Always check that they are a member of ABIA (Association of British Introduction Agencies - Suite 109, 315 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London W4 4HH - Telephone: 020 8742 0386). This is the only way to ensure that the agency will then comply with the Association's code of practice.
  • Use your membership sensibly. It is essential to maintain contact with your agency to ensure they remain updated with your situation, and can provide you a successful membership.
  • Tell the agency when things are not satisfactory as soon as possible, but also be prepared to give it time - success does not always happen overnight.
  • Visit the offices of the agency, and ensure it is a proper set up agency. There have been many short-term operations, which have caused great financial and emotional pain.
  • Be careful about parting with money under pressure or as a 'today only' offer. Join only when you feel satisfied with the agency information and are not under pressure. A respectable agency will always let you go away and think about it!!!


  • Join an agency operating from a home address, unless you are able to visit them during normal office hours and be attended to, by someone from the agency.
  • Join an agency using Post Office box numbers, unless you are confident it is well established, and won't disappear with your money.
  • Join an agency using mobile, 0906 or other premium rate numbers, unless you are sure you are aware of the expenses you will incur each time you use the service or call them up.
  • Part with any money without having had the opportunity of visiting the agency concerned first. If you have the time it is in your own interests do to so.
  • Attend singles events unless you are sure it is strictly for single people and not allowing those who are attached or somewhere in between.
  • Disclose personal information and photos on Internet sites unless you are comfortable with unknown people knowing information about you inlcuding what you look like. Information cna be misused and photos can end up in the wrong place!!

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