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Most of the results are of people who are registered online and not within the bureau, which otherwise provides a personal one-to-one service.


Urgently Seeking
Seeking tall professional Jat Sikh Male 26-31

Well established and respectable progressive Jat Sikh business family in London seek a partner for their daughter who is a Chartered Accountant (ACA).
She is 26 years old, 5'07" tall, fair attractive and seeks a professional partner up to 31 years old from a similar background in the London and surrounding areas.

Please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145 quoting PLATRJ. No fee is payable.

Sikh female required for 30 year old Turbanned professional, 6'00" tall

Our client is a single, 6'00" tall graduate working in IT. he wears a turban and does not cut his hair or trim his beard. He is a vegetarian and comes form an affluent family background.

We are looking for a girl who follows the Sikh faith and does not trim/cut her hair. A graduate is preferred and can be a few months older if all other criteria is met.

Please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145.

Seeking Professional British MUSLIM Males

We urgently require British professional Sunni Muslim boys for the many British professional Muslim girls on our books, such as these below:
26  5’03” Single      M.B.B.S., Doctor (wears head scarf, very fair)
28  5'09" Single      M.B.B.S., Doctor
29  5'10" Single      BSc & MSc, Analyst/Commodity Brokers
29  5'00" Divorced  Masters Degree, Teacher (very pretty/fair)
30  5'08" Single      LLB Law, Lawyer (attractive)
30  5'07" Divorced  Degree in Biology & Optician, Optician
31  5’05” Divorced  M.B.Ch.B, Doctor
34  5'04" Divorced  M.B.B.S., Doctor/Sonographer (Attractive)
35  5’07” Annulled  M.Sc., Financial Services
36  5'02" Single      LLB (Hons), LPC, Solicitor
37  5'02" Single      Masters Degree, Teacher (wears head scarf)
38  5'06" Single      MPharm, Pharmacist - Lead Directorate Pharmacist
40  5’08” Single      LLM, Solicitor in top UK firm (smart/attractive/fair)
41  5'06" Single      Pharmacy & Medicine Degree, Doctor/G.P.
42  5’08” Single      Graduate, Government Officer (smart)
46  5’02” Single      B.Sc. (Hons) Pharmacy, Pharmacist (attractive)

Many others not listed here. Please call Parag on 020 8571 5145 without obligation.

In some cases (highlighted in bold) we may be able to waiver the registration fee and introduce you, and you only pay the marriage settlement fee if successful. Our registration form WILL need to be completed and signed.

Seeking Jat Sikh boys for the following Jat Sikh Girls

We currently require suitable Jat Sikh boys from good well established family backgrounds for the following candidates:

1. 25 year old, 5'07", Chartered Accountant, attractive, from well established, affluent business family - seeking S.E. England
2. 27 year old, 5'03", BA Degree, HR Advisor - seeking partner in Midlands or North of England
3. 30 year old, 5'07", B.Sc. (Hons), CIMA Part Qualified, Accountancy, Business Family

4. 30 year old, 5'04", BA (HOns) Law, LPC, Solicitor, Business FamilyIf you or a family member are suitable to any or all of the above, please contact us. The registration fee will be waived in order to meet any of the above (marriage settlement fee will be applicable if the introduction is successful).

If you or a family member are suitable to any or all of the above, please contact us. The registration fee will be waived in order to meet any of the above (marriage settlement fee will be applicable if the introduction is successful).

Please call on 020 8571 5145 - Quoting Jat Sikh Platinum female members

Seeking Sikh Boys WITH TURBAN

We have a handful of clients for whom we are seeking boys with turban and uncut hair/beard.

We currently require a Khatri Sikh boy 25 to 32 years old, well educated, for a 25 year old professional girl who is 5'03" tall. Must be a non-drinker, with beard and turban.

We also require a Ramgharia or Jat Sikh boy WITH TURBAN for a Ramgharia girl who is 25 years old, and 5'11" tall. Yes you read right, she is 5'11" tall. She is college educated and working in Finance. Vegetarian and non-drinking are also preferred.

Please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145 if you are or have a suitable person, or email info@s-m-b.com with subject matter 'Turban Boys'. Any suitable candidate MUST be British, as are the girls.

Attractive 31 year old Hindu Khatri female

We are seeking a suitably educated match for our client who is a Masters qualified individual working in London. She is 5'05" tall, from a well established and educated family background.

She has a slight hearing impairment, but otherwise leads a perfectly normal life. She has a good job, and drives and enjoys everything in life as normal.

We are seeking a well qualified person, over 5'07" tall, preferably in the South East of England, who can see beyond the minor hearing deficiency, and appreciate the individual for who she is and her varied achievements in life.

If interested please call Parag on 020 8571 5145 quoting PLATST. No registration fee is required in order to meet this client as long as you meet the required criteria.

Single Hindu educated female, 33 years old

'We are seeking a suitable match, for our client who is a single, never married, 33 years old Law Graduate, currently working full time in Administration for the NHS.

She is 5'00" tall, smart/attractive in appearance with a fair/wheatish complexion and medium build.

She has a slight mobility issue due to cerebral palsy at birth, but otherwise she leads a totally normal life, walks unaided without any external aids or assistance from others. She is financially self-sufficient and lives independently in her own home.

She enjoys music, movies, reading, theatre, socialising, eating out and spending time with family and friends. She comes from an educated and professional family background.

Potential partners can be of Hindu, Christian or Buddhist background, British, up to 40 years old, single or divorced without children, with good family values, kind, open-minded and able to accept an individual for their qualities.

Interested parties should call Parag on 020 8571 5145 quoting PLATCA.

Smart 28 year old Jat Sikh professional male

We are seeking a suitable partner for our client who is a single 28 year old Jat Sikh Chartered Accountant, 5'08" tall, very smart looking, South East based, he is clean shaven from a very humble and cultured business family,

The family are all educated and the prospective match must be either an Accountant, Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer, also from a Jat Sikh backgorund, and no taller than 5'05".

Please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145 quoting PLAT BN for more information. No registration fee required.

Single 27 year old Muslim Female, 5'07" tall

We are seeking a partner for our client who is a qualified solicitor (specialising in litigation), 5'07" tall, slim, smart, from a well established Sunni Muslim business family.

The boy should be well qualified, professional or business, 28 to 33 years old, over 5'09" tall and of British nationality only.

No registration fee will be required for the introduction if all requirements are met.

Please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145 quoting SPECSH.

Attractive 37 year old Lawyer

We are seeking a suitable Hindu Punjabi or Sikh match, with or without turban, for our client who was divorced (without children) after a short marriage many years ago. She is about 5'05" tall, slim/medium build, attractive, and a qualified Lawyer, of Sikh background.

Desired partner should be no older than 44 years, at least 5'08" tall and educated, with a good job in or around the London area.

No fee is payable if you meet the requirements and introduction takes place. Please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145 quoting PLATKC.

Medical Professional Sunni Muslim Female

Seeking a professional Sunni Muslim Marriage partner for our client who is a smart, single, 40 year old General Practitioner, 5'06" tall.

She is UK born and educated and seeks a partner up to 49 years old, single, widowed or divorced, graduate, with professional qualifications preferred.

Interested parties should please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145 quoting PLATYN

36 years old single female Asian Christian Cardiologist

Our client is a single, 36 year old female, of mixed Hindu/Christian background, but more Christian!

She is about 5'04"/5'05" tall, and slim and very well qualified as a Cardiologist, seeking a single medical professional, preferably of Christian background.

Interested parties should contact Parag on 020 8517 5145 quoting PLATVS or send a full biodata to info@s-m-b.com for our consideration.

Attractive Single 47 Year Old Sunni Muslim Professional Female

We are seeking a well qualified/professional Sunni Muslim male for our client who is single, never married, 47 years old, 5'02" tall, slim, attractive and a qualified Pharmacist.

She comes from a well spoken family background, and has family/cultural and religious values.

The ideal person should be at least of a graduate calibre or otherwise in a well established business. The individual must be tall, and of British Sunni Muslim background.

If you meet the criteria please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145 asap. You will not be charged any fee to be introduced to this client (Marriage settllement fee will still be applicable if successful).

Tall Sikh/Jat Sikh boys needed

We are currently seeking tall, British born and educated, qualified (graduate), Jat Sikh and other Sikh boys, for a handful of exceptionally tall Sikh/Jat Sikh girls currently on our books, who are aged between 25 and 32, and are between 5'07" to 5'11" tall.

All of the girls are graduates and are either in good professions like Doctor/GP, Teacher, Accountant etc. or in business. They are spread across UK (London/Midlands/Wales/North England).

We are seeking boys aged between 26 and 35, mainly single, or possibly divorced if over 33, and with a minimum height of 5'10", also graduates, professionals or in business.

If you have a son, or you yourself meet the above criteria, please contact us on 020 8571 5145 without obligation.

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