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  •  Eastern Eye, 9 February 2018 Open or Close

    ''Window shopping' singles in no rush to get married'

    SOCIAL MEDIA SNOOPING BEING USED TO FIND PARTNERS - More British Asians are staying single in their 30's after rejecting marriage proposals - from looking at a person's Facebook profile photo, experts claim.

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  •  L'OBS avec Rue89, 14 October 2015 Open or Close

    'Arranged Marriages: It is not done better than at a marriage agency'

    Article about Suman Marriage Bureau published in a French Journal!

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  •  Eastern Eye, 24 July 2015 Open or Close

    'Is marital bliss now hit or miss?'

    Hundreds of British Asian women are struggling to find a husband and are having a tougher times that their parents' generation, it has emerged.

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  •  Jemima Khan, New Statesman, 12 March 2012Open or Close

    'Second- and third-generation immigrant families, with no extended family structure, limited networks and religious restrictions on acceptable ways to meet future spouses, are turning to external matchmakers for help.'

    'The success rates are high - wedding photographs and thank you letters line the walls of Parag's office, together with a picture of his mother, the "Asian Cilla Black", Suman Bhargava, shaking hands with Margaret Thatcher and John Major'.

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  •  Eastern Eye, 3 December 2004 Open or Close

    'A traditional way to arrange a wedding, marriage bureaus are an ideal way to find a partner without meddling family members. By registering your details the bureau takes on the responsibility of finding you a match and arranging a meeting. Suman Marriage Bureau, the largest organisation in the UK began in 1972. Owner, Parag Bhargava says: "We lay the foundation for a couple and they take it from there without the hassle of family obligations".'

  •  The Times, 17 January 2004 Open or Close

    'Parag Bhargava is co-owner of Suman Marriage Bureau International, the oldest Asian introductions agency in Britian, which has helped to arrange 7,000 marriages in 32 years.'

  •  Men's Health Magazine, March 2002Open or Close

    'The Suman Marriage Bureau, in the heart of the Asian community in Southall, Middlesex, was founded in the UK in 1972....' '...They arrange and facilitate marital matches for Hindus and muslims from all over the globe.'

  •  The Daily Telegraph, 12 December 2001Open or Close

    'The problem for Asian women is not that they are being forced to marry but that a growing number of them are not marrying at all, the owner of a marriage bureau said yesterday. Suman Bhargava, who set up the Suman Marriage Bureau in Southall, west London, 29 years ago and is familiar with Asian social trends, was commenting on David Blunkett's remark that "we don't tolerate the intolerable under the guise of cultural difference".'

  •  The Ealing Leader, The Ealing Gazette & The Southall Gazette, 11 May 2001 Open or Close

    'Mr and Mrs Bhargava , who were honoured with prestigious Indian awards for their achievements in promoting the role of marriage in society, have helped arrange some mixed-race and non-Asian matches as well as thousands of traditional Indian weddings.'

  •  The Asian Age, 25 July 1998Open or Close

    'The Suman Marriage Bureau, the first-ever "marriage agency" in London, is still doing bustling business.''

  •  The Asian Age, 24 January 1998Open or Close

    'Suman and Ramesh Bhargava have the distinction of being a couple who, having found each other, have devoted their lives to playing Cupid to the world.'.....'The Suman Marriage Bureau, which made headlines as the first bureau of its kind in the UK to institutionalise the hitherto family business of "arranging" marriages for Asians, opened on December 9, 1972.'

  •  Sunday Times, 5 March 1995 Open or Close

    'So well served are majority tastes, specialist agencies have been formed, serving..' 'and Asians (the Suman Marriage Bureau).'

  •  You & Your Family Magazine - Telegraph Supplement, 19 November 1993 Open or Close

    'his marriage bureau is proving very popular with Asians for whom arranged marriages are still a moral duty, despite their western lifestyle.'

  •  Asian Times, 24 August 1993Open or Close

    'to bring together parents and young people of similar caste, religious and class background, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists etc.'

  •  The Times of India, 13 December 1987Open or Close

    'The Suman bureau in Southall is cutting across cultural and religious barriers by matching Asian women with eligible, white Britons'

  •  The Sunday Telegraph, 12 December 1982Open or Close

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  •  The Sun, 19 September 1982 Open or Close

    'Some marriages are made in heaven, but a lot more are made right here on earth, and many of them by arrangement'....'arranging the marriages of others has become...a valuable function in London's Asian immigrant community. The idea that boy meets girl, they fall in love and marry is a Western notion that does not accord with the Asian custom that family meets family, and if they agree, boy and girl are allowed to marry.'

  •  Evening Mail, 13 February 1980Open or Close

    'Happy marriages may be made in heaven, but the aspiring husbands are putting their faith in the strict and earthy practicalities of the arranged marriage to find themselves a life time partner.'....'Most people cross their fingers and hope they will be lucky in love. But in West London there is a marriage bureau where the organisers believe love comes a long way down the list of priorities in choosing a lifetime partner.'....'In Britain there is no such grapevine, and that is where the Suman Marriage bureau comes in. Families get in touch with them and they match them up with another family whose qualifications are right for marriage purposes.'

  •  Daily Mail, 7 November 1979 Open or Close

    'the Suman Bureau will arrange as many introductions as necessary. Many people marry the second or third person they meet'