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Standard Service

Once we have received your completed application, and before we process your payment, we will ensure that we are in a position to meet your requirements and help you in the search for your partner.

If we feel you need to compromise or be a little flexible in certain areas, based upon what the current trends may be, we will discuss these with you over the phone or by e-mail. If we need any additional information, this will also be requested at the same time.

Once all is agreed, we shall then start the matching process by going through our database to find suitable partners. Once we have someone (normally within two to three weeks of joining, but could be sooner), we will either contact you (by phone or e-mail) in case a meeting at the office is preferred, or we will send a letter of introduction to both of you to make a direct contact with each other with a view to meeting.

We do recommend for the men to make the initial contact as a matter of courtesy, but in this 21st century, where the world is all about equality, nothing stops the women from instigating communication too.

We do not condone the use of texting/Whatsapping/Googling for Facebook or LinkedIn pictures, as these can be detrimental to yuor case and potentially waste, what could otherwise be, a very suitable introduction.

We recommend a short phone conversation with a view to meeting, after which you can give us a non-biased outcome of your meeting. Matters will then progress further accordingly, whether it be the requirement for a new introduction or following up further with the person you have met.

( Payable within 14-days of religious or registered marriage or cohabiting, whichever occurs first)