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Since 1972

What is Suman Marriage Bureau (SMB)?

SMB was started in the United Kingdom in 1972, and has since established itself as the largest Asian Matchmaking Bureau, with an outstanding and unequalled reputation.


Suman Marriage Bureau

Our experiences over the years, and the immense amount of advice we have had from experts in this field, have together enabled us to develop a matching system without comparison. Many have tried to imitate our name and methods, but none have been able to match the quality of service offered at SMB, and none have been able to enjoy the success of our system.

It is always important to remember that your success is a joint effort with SMB. We can always help you if we are always kept up to date with your needs and situation.

Mrs. Rattan , Dr. Rattan, Mrs Suman Bhargava, J.R Sharma , J.M Kaushal , editor of the Amar Deep Hindu Weekly, Parag Bhargava and Mr. Ramesh Bhargava (Launch of Suman Marriage Bureau 09/12/1972)

In the recent years trends have changed, and the kind of person joining Suman Marriage Bureau is in no way restricted to any particular group. We do attract a high percent of graduates and professionals as well as a number of business men and women, and many others, from all walks of life, and all marital status, be they single, widowed or divorced. We have clients from 18 years old up to 85 years old.

Many of our clients decide to approach us after having spent several hours, and having gone to much expense, attending events and browsing websites. Having realised the benefits of having a personal relationship manager or team to find your spouse in todays busy environment that most people have, it makes perfect sense. You simply provide us with the guidelines of what you are looking for, and we'll provide the introductions. Some people do not waste time looking for cheap alternatives, and decide to come to us immediately.

We are approached by individuals, siblings or parents, and can deal with your case accordingly. We are also now often approached by children of couples who have been married through us many years ago.

Joining an introduction agency these days is by no means an easy task. It is very important to consider whether the marriage agency has the skill and the facilities to give you the best possible service and chances of success.

The size of the agency is of extreme importance, as only a company with a very large clientele can hope to provide the selection required for matching two special people together. SMB is aware of this, and duly takes the initiative to advertise on a very extensive scale, ensuring a membership of many thousands of people, and hence the choice of people for you to meet. In fact, SMB is the largest Asian marriage bureau in the world.

Another factor worth considering, is the quality and integrity of the company providing the service. How well established is the company? Will they respect your confidentiality? Will they provide real value for money? Many 'cowboy' companies have formed and collapsed over the years, which have caused disappointment, heartbreak and financial loss to many people. For this reason, in 1981, under the guidelines of The Office of Fair Trading, and with SMB as a Founder Member, the ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH INTRODUCTIONS AGENCIES was formed in an attempt to control those agencies providing inadequate services.

Suman Marriage Bureau offers

Muslim marriage services, Sikh marriage services, Hindu marriage services, Christian marriage services, Asian marriage services, Indian marriages, Pakistani marriages & British marriage services for anyone who is seeking an Asian partner. We offer our matrimonial and introductioin services predominantly in the UK.