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General Questions

The bureau has been established since 1972. As the first & largest office based Asian marriage bureau in Europe, we can confidently state that we have a larger clientele than other similar agencies. Our extensive advertising and long history confirm that we are not a quick money making venture that will disappear in a few days. We are also a founder member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies (Established 1981), which has strict guideline for reputable agencies, which we do adhere to.

You are required to complete our confidential registration form (which can be done online too at, and submit the appropriate registration fee. Once accepted as member, you will receive an acknowledgement from us.

The period of membership is 12 months from date of acceptance for the Standard Service, Special Personal Service and the Platinum Service. In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide you with at least the minimum guaranteed number of introductions (6) if needed, we will extend the period of membership accordingly. Occasionally, we may provide introductions after the 12 month period where memberships are pending or if we have had an extended holiday period.

Different people have different needs quite simply. Some people simply do not have the time to ask all the questions and go into the family background details and so opt for one of the premier services whereby we are more involved, and have to put in additional time and effort. Others are quite happy to receive basic details of a compatible contact and takes things from there by themselves.

The only other charge is the marriage settlement fee (currently £250, £295 from 1st April 2024), payable within 14 days of religious or civil marriage taking place or cohabiting (whichever occurs first).

We guarantee a minimum of six introductions throughout the year (if needed), but will endeavour to provide as many as necessary through out the year where possible without any upper limit, subject to availability and requirement.

We do have people of all religious backgrounds registering with us. However, should you wish to know more specifically about any background or particular caste perhaps, then please feel free to contact us.

We can try to find suitable partners within your area, but must stipulate that we do not base introductions on locality. There are many other more important factors taken into consideration first, and we look at compatibility. If area is stipulated strictly as a requirement, we are unable to provide a minimum number of introductions guarantee.

Whilst we request a photo for our file, we do NOT exchange or provide photos for you to see. Our service is NOT based on 'window shopping', and we achieve greater successes where two people actually physically meet rather than checking out photos first, which may be very misleading and lead to good potential matches being lost as a consequence. We also suggest blocking Facebook photo access to public and putting a generic profile photo on Whatsapp etc. to avoid losing good opportunities.

The bureau will provide suitable introductions based on the information submitted that is intimated to you either by telephone, email or letter. The actual meeting can take place in our office in Southall by prior arrangement (at no extra charge) which we will arrange, or clients can contact each other to make a mutual arrangement between themselves.

It depends case to case. Generally in the under 30's age group, parents are involved a little more than other age groups, although they may start the process in any age group but then let their son or daughter take over, whereby they will only get involved again once the individual is happy with the person they have been getting to know.

Most parents these days appreciate that the first and last say is from their son or daughter, hence they just remain in the background.

No. We can only guarantee to provide you with a service. We will introduce individuals who are compatible to you based on the information submitted. The information is used as a guideline and it does not necessarily mean that persons will always be exactly matched up to what you have requested, although we will endeavour to match as closely to the requirements. Whether or not you get married to any person introduced by the bureau is ultimately your decision to make, hence why we cannot guarantee marriage.

Membership can be upgraded at anytime, but it will NOT be pro-rata. You will simply pay the difference in the service charges, and the period of membership will continue for the remaining period.

Suman Marriage Bureau offers a personal service, and if you have any cause for complaint you should contact our office immediately in the first instance, to discuss any arising issue. We will do our utmost to rectify any situation.

SMB operates a very confidential service and client details are never put into the public domain without prior consent, and then too, without disclosing identity. Advertising on our website or through regular publications will never show any photos, names, addresses or phone numbers.

It is not a requirement that you visit up personally, but it can help your case if we have met you at least once. We do often arrange meetings at our office so that also provides an opportunity to meet you as well if you are happy to attend, otherwise we deal with many of our clients just by phone, letter and email.

Just write in or email us on [email protected]. with this request. We will automatically remove your details if you find a partner through us anyway, otherwise we do keep your file on record after expiry of membership in case there is any other highly suitable proposal, in which case we may contact you again. If you should renew your membership we will actively keep searching for you. After expiry of membership, and providing you have received the minimum level of service at least, we will not be actively searching for you, but only advise you on the odd occasion where we feel there is a good chance of a successful match. Marriage settlement fee will still apply in such cases.

Suman Marriage Bureau (s-m-b) is a well respected introduction agency with many years experience in helping people come together. We are asked many questions at Suman Marriage Bureau, we try our best to give you the answers you need so you can proceed further. Just some of the services we provide are Muslim marriages, Sikh marriages, Hindu Marriages, Asian marriages, Indian marriages, Pakistani marriages & British marriages. We offer matrimonial services, community introduction services, partner search, International partner search and civil marriage services.

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